Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Results are In!

So I had my physical on August 17, then had to wait a week to go back to hear the results.  They are good.  Blood chemistry is right where it should be.  Weight continues to go down (at least it did before this past weekend when I wasn't so good).  I've gotten used to fewer carbs and while I'm hungry I don't crave things.  Friday I hit my lowest weight in a year and that came after two backpacking trips hauling 30 lbs. of pack weight over 9,000 ft. mountain passes and not eating while doing it.

Tonight I made shrimp in garlic cream sauce and put it over pasta, the first pasta I've had in six weeks.  I already notice that I am still grazing around the kitchen.  It's because the pasta (refined carbs) push my blood sugar up, so my body responds with insulin, but overdoes it and then my blood sugar is low so I have cravings.  Even though my stomach is full, I still want to eat.  I contrast that to when I eat a mostly protein meal such as salads, veggies, meat, eggs or dairy.  I am hungry but I don't have cravings.  Overall, I'll take the hunger pangs over the cravings because the pangs are easier to ignore.

Bottom line is I'm pleased with the results and plan to stay on a low carb diet.