Monday, August 15, 2011

Only Two More Days

My annual physical is August 17 -- two days away.  I'm most anxious to see what the low-carb diet has done to my blood chemistry.  Even though we were on vacation last week and ate out a lot, I feel like I did pretty well avoiding carbs, particularly refined flour and sugar.  I did eat a baked potato one night at dinner (along with oven-baked catfish, which I found pretty delicious).  I also splurged at a Steak N Shake hamburger joint and had a hamburger and fries.  But I continue to pass up the rolls and bread (except for the hamburger bun), haven't eaten pasta in nearly a month, limit the servings of potatoes and rice to one occasionally, and make use of salads, meat, cheese, eggs and veggies as the mainstays of my meals.

My weight isn't going down a lot, but this morning I noticed my waist is smaller.  I pulled on my belt to tighten it to where it usually is and found that would put me in the fifth hole, rather than the fourth, where I've been for several months (and on occasion in the third).  I am speculating that the weight training I've been doing as the core of my exercise program is building muscle that is mostly replacing the fat I'm losing from the diet.  Since muscle is denser than fat, I'm losing some inches while maintaining my weight.  My overall weight loss since starting is only about 4 lbs.

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