Friday, July 29, 2011

Eating out and Parties

Yesterday was a big day for my low/no carb diet. Lunch was with a group I belong to at their weekly luncheon. The menu was only three items. I decided the chicken linguini with Alfredo sauce was not a good choice. I don't remember the third choice, but I went with the schnitzel. It's a breaded piece of pork with vegetables and mashed potatoes. I ignored the bread basket and left all the potatoes on my plate. Then to dinner, which was a picnic for our son and his wife who are leaving for medical school next week. Hamburger with no bun, no potato or pasta salad, no dessert (pies, cobbler, cookies, cake). I did have a few potato chips, which are always my downfall, but far fewer than I normally would eat.

So far the diet is tolerable. I wouldn't say it's not hard at all, because it is. I just finished my lunch and am still hungry. But I found a couple of low carb recipes for Southwestern chicken and homemade refried beans. You can see them here:

and here:

The only changes I made were to the beans. Fry the bacon then crumble it into the beans. It's too much trouble to cut it into small pieces first. And mash the beans with a potato masher or fork before putting them in the pan. I fried them in a little bacon grease. They were delicious and very filling.

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