Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So summer sort of got away from me.  It was early June and now September is here.  I went backpacking for the first time in three years, and not just once, but twice.  Once with the young men (we took goats).  That was a trip.  I wrote an article entitled "Men Who Walk With Goats" that will be in the September Catalyst magazine.  You'll be able to see it at www.catalystmagazine.net.

This picture is me at Twin Lakes.  I was catching some rays and got a random person to preserve it for posterity.

The second time with with Melinda and Scott Symes and his grandson Aaron.  Scott and I have been going together for nearly 30 years.  This trip was to Naturalist Basin.  We got absolutely hammered with rain going in and nearly quit half way in, but that night it cleared up (though it was cold -- frost the next morning), and then was beautiful.  Here are some pictures.

This one is me pointing to my GPS that shows we're at 11,008 feet.  Had to climb on that rock to get there.

This one is of Jordan Lake, where we camped, Friday morning after the rain.  The rest of the trip was like this.

And here are Melinda and I at the end.  She's my hiking buddy.

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BRAD and LEAH said...

PRETTY!! Looks like fun! Maybe one day, after I work out a lot, I can go :)