Sunday, April 12, 2009


The weather is on again, off again. Today is gorgeous, tomorrow will be in the mid-60s and Wednesday we are back to rain and probably snow even in the valley. It's making cycling very hard. Next Saturday is the Salt Lake Marathon bike ride, that I have done every year since they started it. I'm signed up, but it's weather dependent whether I ride. If it's raining or snowing, forget it. I need to get out a ride more because I'm supposed to be a bike commuter columnist and it's hard to write about commuting when you haven't really started commuting yet. I did, however, drop my mountain bike off for a tuneup. That should really be my commuting bike, since it's a beast and more or less immune to potholes, gravel and other road hazards that can destroy a road bike.

I'm really enjoying my gig as a columnist. I don't yet have a stiff piece of cardboard with "Press" written on it to stick in my fedora, but that might come. Every March there is a national bike summit in Washington, D.C. Maybe next year I'll have to cover it as part of my duties. I could write the trip off as a business expense. The great thing about being a writer is you can deduct almost everywhere you go as research for a story.


Melanie Chambers said...

good job on another marathon ride. Glad you finished and kept the rubber side down.

Coopers said... the blog!