Friday, December 5, 2008


Well somehow we went straight from Halloween to Christmas. November went by in a blur. As usual, I refused to listen to any radio station that played Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. This required some deft fingers on the buttons in some cases. The Christmas lights were up, but not turned on, before Turkey Day at our house.

The weather continues to defy the calendar. Today was near 50 and tomorrow is supposed to be the same. I'm hoping for a nice bike ride, but I have two obligations before that can happen. First, I'm presenting on "Backpacking -- Light and Cheap" at the University of Scouting at 8:30. Then at 1:00 I'll be playing at a Christmas concert at the VA Hospital in a little band I belong to. It is the end of our year concert. Coming up on December 21 is our neighborhood choir and orchestra's annual Messiah performance.

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Chambers said...

Good job dad! I can't wait to get to Utah.